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'I found the owner and staff, specifically Chad and Steve whom I had the pleasure to work with; amazing. They were polite, honest, very easy to work with, and very helpful/ informative. They were concerned about my needs, time frame and requests. I highly recommend them and most certainly will be returning to them for all my auto needs, as well as, send my family and friends their way.' - Angie's List, J. Weisberg

'Mike took deducted from my alignment service toward [a] new set of quality tires that I really needed. These people are customer centered and top notch professionals.' - Angie's List, M. Joseph

'I NEVER give 5 stars for anything; these folks deserved it. I showed up on time, they took the car in on time & it was finished on time with no..ahem... "upsells"! For those unfamiliar with this term, what I really meant was with no attempts to pad the bill with unnecessary work! I was able to talk directly with the tech (Rick) who was working on my car both before & after the service was performed. The manager (Don) and his wife (Becky) both greeted me throughout the visit. The waiting area was uncluttered & spotless clean; I was offered coffee (single serve; not the nasty old school glass pot kind) with real half & half, not the powdered stuff! I normally do all my own auto maintenance but I needed a wheel alignment so I had to venture into the sometimes shady world of car mechanics; a world these people are NOT a part of. If I need anything else that I can't figure out on my own, I will definitely be going back. The only negative is that they are about ten miles from my house! Book with confidence with these guys.' -Openbay Member


I wanted to let you know how amazing your team over at the new Nashua location has been.

Last week, I brought my fiancé’s car in for an inspection. When it was done, Mike came out and said he passed the vehicle, but it really will need the rear brakes replaced soon, probably in the next 6 months. Chad, I don’t need to tell you how many places would have come out and said, “Hey, I can’t pass this thing unless you replace the brakes…which I can do for your right now”.

The next day, I brought her daughter’s car in. That weekend, she couldn't get her gas door open and she called her mom. Suzanne told her we were in Boston so she should take it someplace. So, she went to someplace nearby and told them that not only was the gas door not opening, but the car had been making a screeching sound. She called me an hour later telling me they were telling her she needed new upper ball joints and new brakes…and it would only cost her $500. I told her to walk out.

So I took her car in to your place last week. Mike called me up and said the screeching noise was coming from the lower ball joints. However, he noticed how new those ball joints were and that they’d barely had any use. I told him that Taylor had them replaced in March at Sullivan Tire. Mike said, “Hey, I could squirt some grease on them and make the noise go away, but I’d suggest you take it back to Sullivan since this should still be under warranty.” So Taylor brought the car back to Sullivan and they fixed the problem. What started out as a $500 problem turned into the $20 Mike charged for his time…because Mike was honest and cared that we get the right service.

You've grown up around the industry, but to us idiots who don’t even know what a ball joint is, taking your car in can be nerve wracking because you just don’t know what you’re talking about. Then you add in that there are some places who see a cute college girl walk in complaining about a noise and they think they can get $500 (and still wouldn't have fixed it!) and it can be a little scary. So to get the amazing and honest service I got from Mike last week was so refreshing. When someone says, “I could charge you this…but you’d be better off going there” or “You're getting close to needing XX fixed, but you don’t need it today” you know you can trust that person. You've got customers for life right here.

Again, I wanted you to know about the great and trustworthy service your team is providing!

Hope all is well Chad!



“Merrimack Auto is a family run business. Everyone is pleasant and I feel that they are honest people...Chad is also a big community supporter and reaches out to help customers in need.”- Betty B.

“My family has been going to Merrimack Auto Center for as long as I can remember. Chad and his staff are knowledgeable, honest, and.. great people.”- Jonathan J.

“Great place. I have been going here my entire life to have issues looked at. They always have a great price and do great work.” - Google User

“Thank you Chad and the Merrimack Auto Team for always being there for quick fixes.” - Michael M.

“Very honest, reputable, thorough, knowledgeable. Glad I found this repair shop and proud to know them personally and professionally.” - Will E.

“So glad that I found your shop...Nice feeling to leave your car and know that you will have knowledgeable people working on your auto and pay a fair price for the work. Thanks for all you do for your customers Chad!” - Diane B.

“I have done business with Merrimack Auto Service and highly recommend them for all your auto mechanic service. They are reliable, honest and do great work. Great prices, efficient, friendly knowledgeable technicians.” - Paul A.

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