Tips for Hydroplaning!

We want Merrimack & Nashua, NH drivers to be safe on the road!

We would like to avoid the roads on a rainy day, sometimes we have a list full of errands to run. It is important to be safe when the roads are wet and we want you to be safe. Swing on by to Merrimack Auto Center if you’re concerned about your tire tread or your tire pressure!

Hydroplaning takes place not only in Merrimack & Nashua, NH but on roads everywhere! Hydroplaning occurs when there is too much water on the road for your tires to scatter. A wedge of water forms in front of the tire and the vehicle will ride on a ‘wave.’ When the tire begins to ride on the wave, this is when little contact from the road to the tire takes places and as a result hydroplaning. The car will ride up just a bit and the driver will lose the ability to steer the vehicle.

If you find yourself to be in a hydroplaning situation – we want you to be fully comfortable taking charge!

Check out a few tips to avoid hydroplaning:

1. Routinely check your tires tread – bald tires are more prone to hydroplaning because there are fewer grips.

2. Take it slow – just because someone is whizzing by you doesn’t mean you need to pick up the pace. Driving less than 35 MPH will reduce your chances for hydroplaning.

3. Driving tips – avoid heavy turning and braking. Try to drive in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you.

A few tips on what to do when hydroplaning:

1. Take your foot off of the gas.

2. Steer in the direction you want to go.

3. Once you regain control – lightly tap on the brakes.

4. Pull over to calm yourself – hydroplaning is a sudden burst of adrenaline and can rattle your emotions.

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