Springtime Challenges for Your New Teen Driver

We all know that driving in the winter is what everything thinks to be the most difficult driving weather. The snow and ice can make for dangerous conditions, but all seasons can come with their challenges. If your teen driver passed driving in the winter conditions, that is a win, but here are some things to remind them of as the spring season approaches. 


Potholes can cause significant damage to your vehicle. Most new drivers are not aware of the damage that these holes can cause. Experienced drivers can tell you that even some of the potholes that do not look that bad, can really do some damage to your vehicle. In the springtime, these potholes will fill up with water making it even more difficult to see them coming. If necessary, safely avoid hitting these potholes to keep your car in good condition.


Hydroplaning is something that can be prevented by taking extreme caution, but it cannot always be avoided unfortunately. Hydroplaning happens when the water on the road causes your vehicle to lose control with your steering and braking through your tires having no traction on the road. One way to try to avoid this from happening is to check the tread on your tires. A lack of tread can cause the water to take over and force you out of control. Another tip is to never use cruise control in rainy or wet conditions. Being in complete control with the vehicle can help give you response to the road conditions. 

Road Construction

Springtime is when road construction starts. It is always good to remind new drivers about the importance of slowing down in construction zones. This is not only just for the safety of the workers, but also to keep the young driver safe from a hefty fine. Speeding tickets in construction zones can be almost double the amount of a regular ticket. Taking a safe speed through these construction zones will allow you time to adjust to any changes in the road, while keeping an eye out for any obstacles that may come before you. 

Spring is a great time to be driving as well. The weather is finally turning to be warm and the flowers and trees are starting to bloom. In any unfortunate event, we are here to help fix your car. Potholes can cause real damage to the tire, rim, and underside of your vehicle. We all understand how some situations are unavoidable, and we want to help you get back on the road! 

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