Importance of Finding a Trusted Auto Repair Shop

According to a new AAA study, most U.S. drivers do not trust auto repair shops.

Reasons for their distrust included negative past experiences, recommendations for unneeded services, and overcharging for services.  The same study also revealed, however, that 64% of drivers have identified an auto repair shop that they do use and trust. According to John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair, “To minimize the stress associated with vehicle repair and maintenance, it is critical that drivers find an honest repair shop that they can trust with their vehicle.” Click here to read the full AAA study.

An underlying reason the average driver may distrust auto repair shops is that they may not be exactly sure what they are buying. It can also be difficult to determine if a mechanic or auto shop knows what they are doing or has the customer’s best interests in mind. Some shops may offer extremely low estimates to get customers in the door, but end up delivering shoddy workmanship, using low quality components, or inflating the end cost with hidden extras.

Merrimack Auto Center in Merrimack & Nashua, NH believes in building customer relationships based on trust. In order to provide the best auto repair services possible we:

  • Provide written estimates
  • Use only the best manufacturer recommended parts
  • Employ experienced mechanics and technicians
  • Take time to thoroughly explain our service recommendations
  • Provide customer convenience extras
  • Offer a variety of savings opportunities

Auto repair services are something every vehicle owner has to deal with at some point. It is important to find an auto repair shop you can trust before trouble strikes. We welcome you to stop by our shop & get to know us. We consider our customers our neighbors, and always provide the respect and quality service you deserve.

We look forward to serving you!

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