Summer Driving Tips

One aspect of fun summer car rides that gets overlooked is the inspection and maintenance of your vehicle beforehand. 

While some vehicles may be deemed reliable, you can never be too safe when it comes to inspecting your vehicle. To no surprise, the hot summer heat can do just as much damage to vehicles as brutal winters. An important part of summer safety for your vehicle is making sure that the car will not overheat with the hot weather. Checking your coolant levels is one way to prevent this. The warm weather can also put a strain on your belts and hoses that causes them to crack and warp. Giving your vehicle an inspection or taking it into the shop is being a responsible car owner and keeps your vehicle in top shape.  

Don’t Be a Distracted Driver

The summer months are a great time to be around friends and family. During these times, it is even more of a special occasion to get outside the house together. When you are on the road, don’t be a distracted driver. Risky behaviors such as texting or a lack of attention to the road can lead to unfortunate events. It can be easy to get distracted in a car with friends with the windows down, but it is important to remember that driving is a huge responsibility. Summer months also lead to more people out and about on their bikes, scooters, or even walking near the road. It is our responsibility to keep everyone on the road safe. All drivers need to #SharetheRoad with each other and protect each other as we travel around in the warm summer weather. 

For all of your service needs for your vehicle, give us a call today. We are dedicated to your safety and want to keep your vehicle on the road for longer. Schedule a maintenance check before any long road trip this summer!

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