Fuel Economy Tips This Summer

If you’re planning a summer getaway, we can help you save a buck or two on gas! Read our latest blog to learn more.

Are you planning an end of summer roadtrip with your friends or family? Are you looking to save money on fuel? At Merrimack Auto Center, we just so happen to know a thing or two about cars and fuel economy. Here are a few tips from the experts at your favorite auto repair shop in Merrimack & Nashua, NH about conserving fuel this summer:

Engine Oil Quality

The quality of your oil can negatively impact how your vehicle performs & it’s overall fuel economy. The first step is to make sure you follow your vehicle’s specifications for regular oil changes to save you some money at the pump. Stop by the shop to get your oil check before hitting the road!

Lighten Up  Your Load

May want to consider cleaning out your car! But please don’t forget to keep all your necessary safety gear. The lighter your car, the less work the engine has to do to move it, and the farther you’ll get on less gas.

Bad Driving Habits

If you have a tendency to accelerate quickly or brake rapidly, you may want to think twice! Not only is it a driving practice that should probably be corrected anyway, but safer driving habits will increase your car’s fuel economy as well.

Check Your Tires

To get the most out of your fuel, make sure your tire pressure is up to par, based on what’s recommending for your tires. If you have old tires with poor tread, or over-inflated tires, you will notice a huge difference in your fuel economy.

Use A/C Wisely

Running the A/C uses up the precious amount of energy provided by your fuel, so using the A/C economically is crucial. This can be somewhat difficult in the summer, but if it’s not too hot outside, roll those windows down and enjoy the breeze. However if it is too hot, use a sun shade when your car is parked so your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard.

Choose the Best Vehicle

Choosing the car that is best suited to the trip is a great way to increase your fuel economy this summer. If you’re packing up for a quick trip, take the smallest car you can. Be smart about which car (if you have multiple to choose from) you drive and at what time of day. It will save you a few dollars at the gas pump.

If you need us to check on your vehicle before you head out for your last hoorah, stop by your shop. We’d be happy to give it a once-over.

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