Common Winter-Related Car Problems

As the days continue to shorten and the temperatures begin to drop steadily, our cars are often required to push past their limits which can put unbelievable strain on your vehicle. In order for your vehicle to run efficiently and smoothly throughout the winter, it is important that you are aware of possible problems you could encounter this time of year.

Here, we take a look at 3 of the most common winter-related car problems that you should be prepared for.  


Car batteries are notorious for breaking down during the winter months. In this case, preventative maintenance is key. Batteries need regular servicing but of course to avoid accidents or injury, you’ll want to bring your vehicle by the shop for us to take a look. A quick check up could save you from an unpleasant and even dangerous roadside situation, being stranded in the cold.


Even though your car’s battery gets most of the blame if your vehicle doesn’t start in the winter, the alternator can just as easily break down and cause issues. In addition, alternators charge the battery with power and energy from the engine, so if your alternator breaks down, your battery will experience issues too. So if you’ve got a fresh battery, had a recent check up and your vehicle still won’t start, it may be your alternator. 


Tires are the leading causes of vehicle issues throughout the year. And the winter season is no different. Lack of tread on your tires can cause problems gaining traction on the road. And with snow, ice and rain covering the roadways in the winter, your tire’s ability to grip the road can be even more difficult. For this reason, we suggest bringing your vehicle by the shop so we can check your tire’s tread. 

For any other issues your vehicle may experiencing, don’t hesitate to bring it by. We want you to stay safe this winter season. 

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