Five Ways to Retain Your Car’s Resale Value

A new vehicle starts depreciating the second you drive off the sales lot. In the future, if you plan to sell or trade in your vehicle, we’re sure you’d like to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

Here are some of our top tips for limiting depreciation and helping your car retain its value just that much more:

Consider Where You’re Parking. Do you have a garage or even covered parking? Do your best to park in an area that has protection from the elements. Harsh weather can damage your car’s paint and leave indents as well. Walk the extra mile and park farther away from where other cars are parked. Parking close to other cars can leave unwanted dents from opening car doors.

Clean Your Car – Inside and Out – Regularly. Don’t skip out on taking the time to clean your car inside and out on a regular basis. This will help your interior to not accumulate damage dust and grime, damaging the finishes and upholstery or leather. Find products that help prolong the appearance of the leather, dashboard, etc. Also, invest in regular car washes to keep your car’s paint as lively as possible. Add a layer of wax after each wash too if you want to amp up the finish of your car’s paint.

Repair Any Damage Quickly. Even minor damage can become a big problem if left unattended to. This could lead to a more expensive repair in the future. Have a few dings? Find a local body shop, with reasonable prices, to get those cleaned up sooner rather than later. 

Prioritize Servicing and Maintenance Upkeep. Buying a new car is an investment in itself so it just makes sense to keep up with that investment. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for your vehicle is a great way to start keeping up with your car’s value. Full service histories are great when selling your vehicle, so keep up with it.

Drive Carefully. Reckless driving will definitely increase the chances of an unwanted accident and is harder on certain area of your car, like the brakes and tires. By driving carefully and defensively, you could protect yourself from future accidents that could total your car. Keep in mind that the less mileage you have on your car can help with the resale value as well.  

We certainly hope you keep up with the value of your vehicle but understand that you won’t get back what you paid for it. Come on by for servicing and maintenance! We’ll be happy to help you keep up with your maintenance schedule. 

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